At least there'll be one post in February.

Hi!! It's been a while. (Unsurprising.) Just wanted to say I whipped up a post about Americans in K-Pop, because why not. I appreciate the fact that K-Pop is so internationally-focused, and hopefully one day, they'll be more of these faces ~killing it~ stateside. 

My bbs are back again! Though the whole learning Korean thing is going terribly (lol, hopefully a better update later on), I'll at least know how to say "I miss you" because of this song. It's interesting what words/phrases I've picked up from watching K-pop music videos and K-dramas. It's not much, but it's something. 

In my never-ending quest to listen to different and/or lesser-known groups (I have a large capacity for listening to the same few songs for months and years on end), I picked up this song recently. I literally know nothing about them, but this is quite a bop. I do associate anyone with a slightly whiny (idk how else to put it) voice with Hyuna though, and I think Hyuna pulls it off better cause of her killer, sexy stage presence. Also, try saying "hobgoblin" five times fast. I kept saying "hobglob," lol.

Not a terribly new song, but I've been listening it more lately. I've obsessed with the totally ethereal vibe of this song — Punch's voice is perfect for it, and I have a soft spot for playful giant Chanyeol. He's one of the most active EXO members on social media, and I also feel like he's always in his studio working on music...and he has a Soundcloud account (which I generally find cool, like any K-Pop stars having one, like BTS and GOT7's JB <3) and a newly-opened YouTube account!