Hello, 2017. And hello again, blog.

HELLO!!!!! Officially re-birthed my janky website & blog as part of my efforts to write more in my free time though tbh, this is probably just an excuse to ramble about K-Pop.

So, because I have nothing prepared to talk about, here are some of my current favorite songs:

"11:11" by Taeyeon

I’ve been listening to this song at least 5 times a day since it was released. I love softer songs but I generally tend to gravitative towards upbeat songs because my brain needs a constant reminder to wake tf up, so it’s been a while since I’ve found a ballad that I love THIS much. Whenever I’m feeling the least bit stressed (pretty much always lol), I play this song and it instantly relaxes me (just the right amount of sadness and feels, ya know?).

Taeyeon has become one of my favorite solo artists (she won best female artist at MAMA this year, and she's also who I voted for), and a lot of her other songs like “Why,” “Starlight,” and “I” are on constant Spotify rotation. 


"Last Goodbye" by AKMU

Omg, I’m really starting to get into this brother & sister duo (Lee Chanhyuk and Lee Suhyun). They won a reality competition show called K-Pop Star 2 in 2013 and soon after signed with YG, which is super cool cause they’re more folksy than straight-up K-Pop...and very evidently not your typical K-pop group.

Anyways, I'm obsessed with their cute sibling chemistry and Suhyun's beautiful voice. And Chanhyuk composes most, if not all, of their songs.

I'm currently listening through the rest of the songs off of their latest full album Winter and digging "Will Last Forever" and "Live" especially.

They also released a sweet, beautifully-shot short film that previews all of their songs. Check it out below!

Such a tease pretending to break up and all. (Seriously, don't play with my heart!)

"Bermuda Triangle" by Zico, Dean, and Crush

Jam x 100000. This trio (dubbed Fanxychild) is fire and needs to release more tracks, though they've collaborated in pairs in the past.

"Slow Down" by Matthew Heath & Grady Griggs

An rare English song! ...that's the theme song of a Japanese reality show called Terrace House on Netflix that I can't stop watching (Thank you, Christina & Jeff). It's hard to describe why it's so addicting but this article's title puts it best — "finds meaning in mundane human interaction." Anyways, I actually look forward to the show's opening segment, which is very unusual and also great.
Also...no one asked, but one of my favorite scenes from the show is this one.

"Oh NaNa" by K.A.R.D

You can watch the official music video here, but I don't think it's that special / I actually prefer this choreo version. As far as I know, K.A.R.D haven't officially debuted yet —they're just releasing singles as ~teasers,~ I guess. I also don't totally get the whole "hidden member" thing, like whether or not they're permanent members or just one-time features. Idk, I haven't looked that much into them yet. I think one of the guys (BM) is from L.A. though, which is cool. Well, the fact that they're a co-ed group is the coolest. I'm not super well-versed in K-Pop history, but they're the first I've come across (or at least there hasn't been a successful one in *recent* years, and I'm not counting co-ed duos or "projects" like SM's Younique or The Ballad). K.A.R.D seems promising though, so I hope they last!

Misc "resolutions" cause why not let's welcome 2017 with halfhearted determination!!!!!!! —

  1. Stop rubbing my goddamn nose (I've been telling myself this for maybe five years; I'm not optimistic. That being said, if you see me doing this, SLAP MY HAND AWAY. It's literally muscle memory now; I've already done it twice while writing this little blurb.)
  2. Maybe keep a clean desk and not have it be cluttered with makeup 24/7 so I'm not always forcing myself to use my computer at the dining table like a coffee shop hobo in my own apt.
  3. Organize said makeup. And don’t buy more. Ok, I'm definitely gonna buy more but I'll think reeeaaaaaallly hard about it beforehand.
  4. Don't feel shy/embarrassed about pushing for the (few) things I love to do.
  5. Stop freaking out about my skin. *glares at prescription gels* Literally no one cares if I'm not wearing foundation on any given day. Though maybe drink more water / eat less crap / sleep more, the usual.
  6. Be less of a scared little peanut. 

P.S. Sanrio officially introduced a character named Aggretsuko (which literally means “aggressive rage-girl”) and this lil' beer-chugging red panda is all of us.

Also, P.P.S. I have one of those five-year journals where you're supposed to answer one question a day for a whole year, and then repeat for another four years. I think I got it in 2014, and it's barely filled in (aka, some of the pages don't have anything recorded). Taking bets on how long I'll take to finish it. Maybe 2020?