Mid-Week Blahs

I'm far too stressed to write a full post, but I'M DETERMINED to keep this blog up, no matter what stupid shit I fill it up with. Hahaha jk, everything's valid. That's. the. point. of. a. blog. Also, what's a "full" post anyways? I could write three words and it'd still be a post. Nothing I say makes sense.

For like two months, I used to scroll through Soompi every night in bed and jot down all the new songs that I came across in my iPhone notes for playlist curations on BuzzFeed, but I've stopped doing that because I'm realizing I'd rather write slightly more original K-pop posts with my limited time and strangely perfectionist work ethic...a terrible combination, imo. BUT ANYWAYS THE POINT IS I haven't been keeping up with K-Pop as much of lately, here are some things I've been listening to / watching a lot:

B.A.P's "Skydive" live performances — jumps, dance solos, and flips, oh my! lol. I was initially "meh" about this song but am now, months later, growing to like it (this is a very common pattern when it comes to my music-listening habits). Probably mostly bc I like the yelling parts, i.e. "WE CAN SKYDIVE, FREEFALL." I like yelling in my head — 9/10 would recommend. If you have 10 mins to spare, you can watch the very intense "Skydive" music video. Betrayal is gr8.

Also YESSSS for more Asian American artist crossovers!!! Ailee's coming out with English music via a U.S. label, Westside Entertainment (official FB and Twitter). "Fall Back" makes the (proud) mainstream pop-obsessed me very happy, but it isn't a unique song in any sense. Ailee has such powerhouse vocal abilities (like in "Home," "U&I," and "Mind Your Own Business") and they aren't really showcased here, but this is just the first of many English songs and hopefully they'll be better ones down the pipeline. This is still hella catchy though. 

HOWEVER, and normally I wouldn't care, but beyond whatever drama went down with one of her Twitter admins shading CL's U.S. debut (that person has since been let go), Ailee needs better admins, period. It's like a tween is running her account.

Also, why acknowledge stuff like this? Then what's literally the point of having an alias? Which, by the way, I'm not a huge fan of — I understand it to a degree, but I'm not gonna delve into that right now, haha.

Screenshot 2017-01-17 22.55.24.png

NON K-POP STUFF (but still Asian-centric content!!!):

Watched this and *clap clap clap*:


Which led to me re-watching this video and re-crying (lol) thinking about my own parents (dammit, this is at least the second or third time I've cried this week; I'm on a roll):

ENDING ON A SOMBER (but grateful) NOTE, YAY! My next (or just general / eventual) post will be about languages oooOoooOo, k bye.

P.S. "Short" posts don't exist in my repertoire. I'm fooling myself.

P.S.S. If you want to treat yourself without spending major $$$, check out this post by yours truly. ;)