Week In Review 2.21.16 - 2.27.16

First round of weekly favorites! Leggo.

Song(s): 'This Isn't Who We Are' by J-Reyes ft. Jordan Lorenzo
               'I Need U' by BTS (kpop phase not ending anytime soon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
Read: The uproar within the Asian American community in response to NYPD cop Peter Liang's conviction of second degree manslaughter - here.
Place: Google office/building/world of its own. Of course I instagrammed.
Outfit inspiration: This. And to think I once hated black. Does this mean I'm a real adult now?
Most intriguing beauty product: This green-tinted lip crayon from Son & Park.
Food eaten: Instant ramen. Nostalgia = all the feels. Taste = all the sodium.
Video: 2016 Oscar-nominated animated short "We Can't Live Without Cosmos"  (Joyce's rec :3) So touching.
Whatever: Piece of news? I got an internship at BuzzFeed, wheee.

Goal for upcoming week/life in general: Sleep and get up on a normal person's schedule.